UpWakeNing is released on Steam!

UpWakeNing is finally out! 
UpWakeNing release date was the 12th of November 2020 and we celebrate this by putting it on a 30% discount!

And what a journey it has been. 
It has been a very amazing experience. I still think to this day that the making of the audio in-game was the most fun during this process with some amazing bloopers. But we managed to get all the features we wanted to planned from the very start, and we plan to make some more updates in the future featuring more interactions with the narrator, expanding the achievements and maybe even a new and much more challenging level for the mental strong gamers!

And this is only the start. Our next project will be for Android devices.

Our mobile game, Crazy Logic, is expected to get released in early 2021.

Until then, if you’re into precise jumping platformers, then make sure to check out UpWakeNing out down below.

UpWakeNing is released on Steam!