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UpWakeNing on Steam’s Winter Sale

Christmas is drawing near and we’re celebratin this by adding UpWakeNing to Steam’s Winter Sale! You can get this Steam Game with a 40% discount! Visit the store page at...

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Content Creators playing UpWakeNing

Content creators playing UpWakeNing It’s been a bit over a month since UpWakeNing launched, and we are glad to see how some content creators are already picking up the game...

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UpWakeNing is released on Steam!

UpWakeNing is finally out!  UpWakeNing release date was the 12th of November 2020 and we celebrate this by putting it on a 30% discount! And what a journey it has...

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New start – new projects!

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog post! Pham Studio was founded by me, Dan Pham, as I wanted to follow my long lost childhood dream of being a...

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