Crazy Logic

Call it a puzzle game, call it a hint game, call it a toilet game. Crazy Logic is an mobile android app for people who like to solve task or riddles but with a little twist in logic. Everything is not as it seems to be. 

Visually this might be obvious that it’s the Bird or Snake that is the correct answer, but it’s wrong! Don’t let your eyes or your logic be deceived. 


Android game, Crazy Logic, Google Play, Pham Studio, hint game, riddle game

Crazy Logic will feature 100 levels with fun and possibly frustrating levels! If you get stuck on a level, then fear not! This game features a hint feature. 

As you see on the top right corner of the above picture, you will see you have 1 hint available for you to use. Use it, and you will get help to solve the level. How do you get hints?

You either log in daily to get a hint, watch an ad or buy hints if you’re too impatient and get stuck at multiple levels.

Challenge or solve these task and riddles together with friends or family! Do it at your own leisure! 

Crazy Logic will be available in Google Play and will be free to play.

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