About us

Pham Studio is based in Denmark and has the vision to provide entertainment for fellow gamers!

We work on game projects when time allows us, as we’re doing this as a hobby. We are two working here with very different academic backgrounds, and are self-taught in game development.

We have released a game on Steam, UpWakeNing, and had great interaction with both streamers and gamers, and hope we can continue that on a larger scale in the future.

Besides this, we also work on our YouTube channel, which is a partly gaming channel and partly a tutorial channel. Our YouTube channel name is DaPhamius, and you check our channel out here: youtube.com/daphamius

We aim to connect these two businesses and will make a homepage for our YouTube channel in the future

We believe in helping each other out, and thus we will provide the knowledge we have acquired, and to our best ability, share this with aspiring game developers. DISCLAIMER: We won’t guarantee that following our videos are best practices, it’s the most updated knowledge nor will make you a game developer, but we strive to help you on the way!