A high-stake jumping platform game

A game where only you are responsible for the outcome. You are your own enemy and hero. The only way is up and with every successful jump, the higher the tension rises as one mistake can mean a long fall, a true nightmare.

Two levels
While the two levels are somewhat identical, if you are to beat the first level, you get to enjoy the second level with the ability to double jump!
Journey back in the hellish place that nearly made you insane, and calmly laugh away how you were stuck at a certain place, and blaze through it with the double jump.

Angle, velocity, rotation and gravity is a thing. You will quickly realize this.

Hold to charge and jump
Can you master something as simple as jumping with the right amount of power, let alone account for angles, velocity and
rotation when you jump?

Preparation is your best asset
When you’re in the air, you cannot change the path you have chosen.

  • There’s no auto-save.
  • Plan your jumps. The consequences can be dire.
  • Make sure your angles aren’t too sharp and your velocity isn’t too high.
  • Be prepared to make mistakes. You learn from them.
  • It’s tough, but the reward is high.
  • Challenge your friends to master this mental challenge. Who can do it faster and in the fewest amount of jumps?
  • Prove that you can beat the beta-testers. No beta testers were able to beat the game.

Enjoy or despair at the sleep paralysis, nightmare and what its world has to offer.

  • Enjoy or hate the 2.5D world. 3D objects but in a 2D view perspective.
  • Self-made animations and 3D objects.
  • A narrator to your dream follows you in your escape.